Anti Virus for Linux : Panda Antivirus Linux

21 Jan

1. download From:
Size: 5.5 MB (5,734,578 bytes)

2. download virus database From:
Size: 12.1 MB (12,680,799 bytes)

3. install
[root@rdsvr ~]# rpm -ivh pavcl_linux_i386.rpm

4. update virus database
[root@rdsvr ~]# unzip
inflating: pav.sig

[root@rdsvr ~]# mv pav.sig /usr/lib/panda/
mv: overwrite `/usr/lib/panda/pav.sig’? y

5. command panda anti virus command line
[root@rdsvr ~]# pavcl
Panda Antivirus Linux, (c) Panda Software 2004
Syntax: pavcl <path> [Parameters]
Example: pavcl /mnt/DOS -aex -clv
Possible parameters:
-nbr Does not allow interrupting the program with Ctrl-C.
-clv Remove the viruses found.
-del Delete infected files.
-ren Rename infected files.
-sav Saves the parameters to a file for its use the next time it is run.
-nsb Do not scan nested subdirectories.
-heu Activate heuristic detection method.
-cmp Search for viruses into compressed files.
-nso Deactivate sounds.
-nor Do not generate a result file.
-aex Scan all files, independently of their extension.
-aut Scan without user intervention.
-mbr Scan boot sectors.
-tsr Run in resident mode.
-ulr Finish resident mode.
-esp Change to SPANISH language.
-eng Change to ENGLISH language.
-nojoke Do not detect jokes.
-nodial Do not detect dialers.
-nohackt Do not detect hacking tools.
-nospyw Do not detect spyware.
-pth Scan the directories specified in the path environment variable.
-xbit Analyze all executable files.
-info Show configuration status information.
-help Show this help screens.

6. test scan
[root@rdsvr ~]# pavcl /dt03/sketsa2 -clv -aut
Panda Antivirus Linux, (c) Panda Software 2004
Number of detectable viruses and mutations .: 451044
Last revision of the virus file …………: 13/01/2009
Panda Antivirus Linux, (c) Panda Software 2004
Time employed for scan ………….: 00:00:12
Number of files scanned …………: 108
Number of files infected ………..: 0
Copyright Panda Software


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